Working with San Francisco Water Taxi

Coldbrew Creative and its photography partner, Scot Productions, had a wonderful time working with San Francisco Water Taxi!

For this project, even though SF Water Taxi already had a website and branding, it was outdated and was not visually updated. Coldbrew Creative redesigned their website to reflect their current branding both on and offline.

With signs located along the piers of San Francisco, SF Water Taxi has gained a lot of attraction through the tens of thousands of both tourists and locals with just over a year of operation. Our job was to continue their offline visual identity and update their online experience.

We began our process with research; reviewing other competitor sites as well as public transportation sites on their features and information. With the research information that was gathered, we were able to present our clients with a variety of concept mock-ups. After numerous iterations to get everything just right, we moved into the design process.

Progressing from low resolution to high, we made every little design detail count. Because it was important for SF Water Taxi’s visitors to be able to access their information on the go, we designed the mobile and tablet-sized experiences as well. There’s even easily accessible translation options for those whose preferred language is not English.

Lastly, once the design was all ironed out, we began the development. We knew we wanted to create the site on a platform that would scale and work well in the future. It also needed a mobile-friendly responsive grid. So we used our custom version of Zurb’s Foundation framework, which we call Baseplate. The site had content that would need to be easily edited by our client, which led us to our favorite CMS (Content Management System): WordPress. We developed an in-house WordPress theme, and after putting it on our private Github repository and setting up FTP (File Transfer to the server), we launched the site.”

As of late April, we are continuing to add and refine features to ensure the best experience for all of the San Francisco Water Taxi’s diverse customers.


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